Exercising Conversation Skill With Mrs. Lena Hanifah

Barabai (PPM Darul Istiqamah) — One of the routine activities carried out every month by Darul Istiqamah Modern Islamic Boarding School is English language training with Mrs. Lena Hanifah, SH, LLM, Ph.D., for students. Located in the meeting room for female students and in the hall for male students.

The activity, which was attended by male and female students, was stopped due to the Arabic Camp and LP3 agenda last February. Then, from Thursday 16, march until Friday, 17 March 2023 the learning activities were held again and ran smoothly without any obstacles.

This activity involved all students of the modern Darul Istiqamah Islamic boarding school, and this month involved class XI Senior High School (MA) and Vocational High School (SMK) with 54 male and 68 female participants. Each month will be scheduled per batch to participate in this activity.

Mrs. Lena Hanifah, SH, LLM, Ph.D., said “The purpose of this lesson is to improve language and how to pronounce the correct spelling and to revive their interest in being more innovative and creative in learning English,” said Mrs. Lena.

“This month, I focused on their English conversation, the students were directed to make a drama by taking the title in the story of an English book, then asked to demonstrate it using English with a duration of 15 minutes,” continued Mrs. Lena.

Muhammad Noval student of class XI (MA) Senior High School, was very enthusiastic about this activity, “Because apart from being fun and gaining new knowledge, our insights in spelling and speaking English were more focused,” said Noval.

Writer: MB
Editor: Mrs. Lena Hanifah, SH, LLM, Ph.D